Friday, February 25, 2011

Compile list of IPs & PTR Records from list of IP Addresses

Simple bash script to compile a list of IP Addresses and corresponding PTR Records from a list of IP Addresses.  Make sure to give this file executable permissions (chmod +x filename).  This script will read the input file, use dig to lookup ptr records, and will output a list of the ptr records and ip address.

ht=`echo -e '\011'`   # tab character
for ip in `cat $inFile`
   in_addr=`echo $ip | awk -F'.' -vOSF='.' '{ print $4"."$3"."$2"."$1"" }'`   ptr=`dig PTR $in_addr | grep "IN${ht}PTR" | grep -v ';' | awk -F"$ht" -vOSF="$ht" '{ print $3 }' | sed 's/\(.*\)./\1/'`
   echo "$ptr  $ip" >> $outFile

sort list of ip addresses

Simple bash command to sort a list of IP Addresses, sorted ascending, by each octet.
# sorts file "sloppy_ip_list" into new file "sorted_ip_list"
sort -u -n -t . -k 1,1 -k 2,2 -k 3,3 -k 4,4 < sloppy_ip_list > sorted_ip_list

List all ip addresses on linux box, sorting in ascending order.
ifconfig | grep inet | cut -d ':' -f 2 | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | sort -u -n -t . -k 1,1 -k 2,2 -k 3,3 -k 4,4